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Family Office Events

Members are provided with new and unique opportunities, offering a compelling and fresh approach to connecting outside of standard meeting formats. These private and safe-haven environments allow families the chance to genuinely discuss their thoughts, stories, and passions behind their philanthropic efforts in outdoor settings, including exclusive sports outings, access to yachts, wine clubs, and more.


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What Makes us Different

Creating a safe space to nurture your family and business is paramount to success. Hiring the right partners and stewards, staying on top of best practices, trends, opportunities, and educating the next generation is an investment that will help your family enterprise thrive in the long-run.

At Context Family Network, we invite new family office members in the US, Europe, and Asia to join our community. We have one goal: to unite affluent families and support one another’s goals, aspirations, legacy, and growth. While there are other family office networks, we believe ours is the most exclusive because of our guiding principles, shared mission, and strict requirements.

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